Emergency ventilator EVE TR

In rescue situations, every second counts: that is why we have designed EVE for transport purposes – EVE TR – so that PEEP ventilation, for example, can be activated at the push of a button within a very short time. For both premature and newborn infants and older children as well as adult patients. Small but powerful, this particularly applies to EVE TR. It is compact, easy-to-use and equipped to function autonomously. The air for patient ventilation is produced by the ventilator itself. In ambulances and helicopters, EVE TR can be fastened safely and reliably thanks to numerous mounting brackets. When switching from EVE TR to EVE IN for intra-clinical use after the patient arrives in the intensive care unit, you simply reconnect the tube system. Done.

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Emergency Ventilator EVE TR: Your Benefits

Discover the Benefits of EVE TR:

Specially designed for emergency and mobile use, EVE TR convinces with a user-friendly operating concept, state-of-the-art turbine technology and simple handling. Here you get acquainted with the most important features and functions:


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