EndoKing Cordless Endomotor LED


  • Ergonomic Design: It has ergonomic design which makes it fit for the dentist’s use.
  • Slim body & Lightweight: The slim, lightweight body and extremely small head allow optimal visibility during procedures.
  • Hygiene and maintenance: The contra-angle head is sterilizable and thermo disinfectable. Handpiece drive and charging station can be disinfected through wiping down, and can be cleaned with a soft cloth with ethanol.
  • Simple interface design
  • High brightness LED to provide better illumination during RCT
  • Stable and prolonged usage.
  • Reliability with long-life Li-ion battery.
  • Wide torque & speed range make it adapt to various file systems such as FKG, XP-endo, and Shaper in the market.
  • Key Specifications


    • Speed Range: 120-500 rpm
    • Gear Ratio: 16:1
    • Torque Range: 0.6-4.0 N.cm


    • Battery Voltage: 3.7v DC
    • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
    • Net Weight: About 210g


    • Rated Input Voltage: AC100-240V60/60Hz
    • Output Voltage: 5v DC
    • Input Voltage: 1AThe autoreverse and autoforward modes with automatic safety stop minimize the risk of file breakage.
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EndoKing Cordless LED Endomotor is designed for optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. This endomotor amazes as a cordless endomotor built with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics. Optimum head size enables better view for the endodontists thus, enhancing their efficiency.

Clicking the Program Shift Key (P), you can switch to 7 different kinds of programs for different Endodontic files. There are programming functions to memorize the exact speed and torque settings for up to 7 NiTi file systems from all major manufacturers. Having a total of 7 memory programs it allows the clinician to change parameters such as speed, torque, the direction of rotation and others.

7 Modes Display :

Display current mode, in the reciprocating function, the torque is not adjustable -:

A⤸ : Auto-reverse & Stop – Start with clockwise 360° rotation, on exceeding preset torque value, it will rotate anticlockwise then stops.

⤹A : Auto-forward & Stop – Start with anticlockwise 360° rotation, on exceeding preset torque value, it will rotate clockwise then stops.

↺⤸ : Reverse reciprocating – reverse 150° forward 30°( approximation)

⤹↻ : Forward reciprocating – forward 150° reverse 30°(approximation)

 : Forward 360° – Start with clockwise 360° rotation, when encounter torque, stop to reduce the chances of file separation.

↺ : Reverse 360° – Start with anticlockwise 360° rotation, when encounter torque, stop to reduce the chances of file separation.

⤹A⤸ : Auto-reverse & Continous – Start with clockwise 360° rotation, on exceeding preset torque value, it will rotate anticlockwise, once the load is removed again clockwise rotation starts.


  • The product has an ergonomic design; its body is lightweight and is easy to carry.
  • There are 7 kinds of procedures (Memory Set) for selection. It can input the optimum data in advance, and also can modify it accordingly to the working conditions in use.
  • Dental Contra-angle handpiece and the lamp holder can withstand 135ºC high temperature and high-pressure sterilization
  • In-built high capacity lithium battery, so it can reduce battery change times and reduce costs of the machine.
  • According to the set load point it can automatically reverse and stop working and is able to remember different actions of each program.


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