Dental Anesthesia Pen

Model: I-PEN


  • The wireless electronic anaesthesia pen is the solution for painless anaesthesia for patients. This innovative device is convenient, effective, and easy for doctors to use in all Anesthesia techniques. With its advanced technology (AI) , this pen provides precise and controlled anaesthesia, surpassing traditional aspirators. The intuitive design, with an LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons, allows for quick and simple operation. It eliminates the need to feel pain during the anaesthesia process.
  • With three different programs to choose from, high (50-70s), low (130-170s) and PDL(200-280s) , you get all areas and techniques covered! ( Infiltration , palatal, intraligamental and nerve block)
  • Stay informed and in control with real-time notifications displayed on the LCD screen and a moderate sound alert. And with a high-quality rechargeable lithium battery, you can trust that this device will always be ready for use.



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This device allows for precise control of the amount of anaesthesia used, reducing the risk of over or under-anaesthetizing the patient.


Easy to use
Simple injection operation
There is no need for various accessories, such as capacitors, wires, and pipes.
Real-time notifications are displayed on an LCD screen with moderate volume.
High-quality rechargeable lithium battery.
Cost savings and maintenance: no need for disposable tubes; the cartridge holders are autoclavable . The product comes with eight (8) hodlers to start; simply replace the disposable needles and that’s it.
Compatible with both metric and imperial needles.
3 built-in programs: slow, fast and PDL
Pleasant sound effects during the injection.


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