Solar Blue Family of Portable & Wireless Urodynamics Systems


The Solar Blue Laptop is a modular and wireless urodynamic testing system for assessing lower urinary tract dysfunctions using Bluetooth® technology.

Solar Blue Laptop is designed to perform routine urodynamics quickly, easily and conveniently.

Its compact design is ideal for any office or clinic, based on a cart with a laptop computer.

Maximum convenience for both clinicians and patients with wireless modules eliminating power cables and allowing easy portability and set-up flexibility.

Some Laborie products may not be available in certain regions.

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  • Highly-intuitive built-in software includes an efficient patient database for easy storage and retrieval of examination data.
  • Built-in Virtual Instructor Program (VIP): Comprehensive and user-friendly, guides you step-by-step through every urodynamic examination.
  • Fully customizable procedures and reports require minimal training, saving time and money while allowing more focus on the patient.
  • Choose T-DOC® Air-Charged, Fluid-Filled or Electronic catheters.
  • Multiple upgrade options Include: UPP Puller, second uroflowmeter, Electromyography (EMG) recording and Biofeedback applications.
  • Wireless Solar Blue module, flowmeter and UPP Puller support recording of up to 16 data channels onscreen.
  • Backed by Laborie’s Outstanding Service Program: External training courses and certified on-site clinical training, plus live telephone support and remote dial-in assistance.
  • Complete HL7 and EMR/HIS connectivity option.
  • Purpose-designed remote control allows you to stay close to the patient while completing the examination using just four buttons, shortening test time, improving quality of results and providing greater patient privacy.


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