Spot® Ex & Spot® Products

Expedite Localization At Follow-up Procedures

  • By tattooing lesions with dark, permanent endoscopic tattoos, localization in colon resection surgery or post-polypectomy for follow-up colonoscopy can be fast and easy
  • Allows 100% visualization of the correct surgical site2
  • Decreases surgical procedure time and blood loss3


The #1 Endoscopic Tattoo Choice of Gastroenterologists 

  • Spot Ex is the only tattoo a with dual indication for surgical localization and clinical surveillance1
  • Spot Ex is the only tattoo with a permanent indication with proven data1

Darker Tattoo Enables Fast and Easy Identification 2

  • Easier to find at future endoscopy or surgery because Spot Ex is a darker tattoo3
  • Tattooing has been shown to reduce OR time by up to 40 minutes4

Tattooing with Spot Ex is Cost Effective

  • Tattooing with Spot Ex is cost effective with dedicated reimbursement
  • Tattooing is reimbursed as a submucosal injection CPT code 45381

Item Number:

  • GIS-45 (5 mL syringe)


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