T-DOC® Air-Charged Urodynamics Catheters & Accessories

T-DOC® Air-Charged Catheters are accurate, simple to learn and easy-to-use.

T-DOC Air-Charged disposable catheters use tiny pressure-sensing air balloons to assess internal pressures.

Barely larger than the diameter of the catheter itself, these balloons offer circumferential pressures for a clear and complete set of data for diagnosis.

As reported by our users, T-DOC Air-Charged Catheters are fast, simple to set-up and less sensitive to patient movement.

All of this can result in less time per procedure, less time in set-up and clean-up, and less staff training required, which means more patients may be seen in less time.


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T-DOC is part of the Intelligent Cath-ID System

  • Supports best practices in single patient use of consumables to minimize risk of cross-infection and/or cross-transmission
  • Catheter compatibility for quality urodynamic studies
  • Supports traceability, removes need for manual entry, reducing errors while automating workflow

Some Laborie products may not be available in certain regions.

Please contact your local Laborie Sales Representative to learn more about the products available to you.

PRC 023148 – V1.00
MKT-00504 [A] CAT 875, CAT 895, CAT 878, CAT 880, CAT 905, CAT 885

Accurate: Records accurate bladder and abdominal pressures. Abdominal pressures can be measured with rectal or vaginal placement.

Precise: Clean subtracted pressure with more consistent study tracings. Measures urodynamic pressures using proprietary, “Air-Charged” pressure technology resulting in fewer artifacts.

Efficient: Provides significant time and cost savings in set-up, study and clean-up. Increases patient flow-through.

Urethral Measurements: Allows user to easily gather data from the urethra during filling cystometry and voiding pressure studies.

Supports Infection Control: Single-use disposable nature reduces the risk of contamination


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