Brushless Endo Motor

Model: T-Fine-II (Plus)


  1. The range of speed 100-2500rpm, torque 0.4 N▪cm~5.0 N▪cm
  2. Integrated apex locator mode delivers safety protection
  3. C-mode, safe ledge bypassing
  4. Customized reciprocating angle from 20°-390°
  5. 6:1 mini contra-angle,easier preparation of posterior teeth
  6. *Diameter of contra-angle:4.0mm / *Height of contra-angle: 9.7mm
  7. Integrated apex locator mode delivers safety protection
  8. High performance brushless motor, long life and low noise
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  • Product Parameters

  • Product parameters:
    Head 6:1 contra angle
    Voltage 3.7vdc
    Battery capacity 1200mAh
    Application Root canal treatment
    Rotate speed 100-2500rpm
    Weight 0.7kgs
    Color Orange
    Torque range 0.4-5.0 N.CM
    Real -time torque display Available
    Forward degree 20°~390°
    Reverse degree 20°~390°
    Root canal measurement Without/ Built-in Apex

    Structure and components:

    Endo Motor Main Unit 1PC

    Charging Base  1PC

    Electrical Contra Angle 1PC

    Adapter 1PC

    Cover  1PC

    Probe Cord 1PC

    File Holder 1PC

    Contrary Electrode 1PC

    Long Files Holder 1PC

    Usage Manual  1PC


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