Flamingo | The New Medical Camera

It’s hard to see what’s going on in a mouth. It’s even harder to show someone else what you saw.

Most people like to document the things that are important to them. Passionate doctors have a number of reasons for wanting to take up their job:

  • It’s super cool – Flamingo allows easy documentation of what you’re doing, as you do it. Flamingo makes it easy to see your work clearly and share it with others.
  • Teaching Tool – Documenting your work makes it easier to teach techniques to colleagues and students. The ability to do this in real time turns explanations into demonstrations that anyone can participate in.
  • Building confidence – while your patients may not necessarily have the same fascination with what goes on in their mouths as you do, the ability to show them their condition or explain work you’ve done when questions arise helps build their confidence in you as build their caretaker. It also positions your company as an expert leader at the cutting edge of technology.
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· Lightweight (only 19 grams!)

As a loupe manufacturer, we know how important it is that a solution you wear on your face is ultra-lightweight. That’s why we designed Flamingo as an ergonomic extension of your loupes, offering the solution you want, without physically straining you.

· Integrated camera and light

good lighting is critical for both focus and image capture quality. Because the headlight and camera of the Flamingo are integrated, the camera remains focused precisely on the spot where your beam of light shines. And because the light source is on your head instead of the overhead unit behind it, you don’t overshadow your subject.

· Live broadcast via Wi-Fi to computer

(0.01 second delay) real-time view of what you’re doing, as you do it

· Full HD video

ultra-smooth, high-quality 1080p | 30 fps, vibrant, “living color” video recording

· Unlimited movement

with Admetec’s PowerPack battery on your belt or in your pocket – for unparalleled convenience and user-friendliness, the Flamingo (camera and light), connects to the PowerPack battery via a single lightweight cable – a welcome departure from errant, strange wires that tangle and limit. Flamingo comes with 2 batteries, so one can charge while you use the other.

· Admetec proprietary software

enables video editing, including capturing high-quality screen captures for real-time collaboration and documentation. Automatic software updates eliminate the need to download and install newer versions.


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