Fussen S6500 wired IOS

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Keep it simple. Enjoy the experience


Assists dental professionals with accuracy and efficiency in all prosthetic scenarios such as crown & bridge, orthodontics, etc


Provides the most accurate data possible for surgical and restorative applications leading to better diagnosis, surgical planning, and ultimately the patients experience


Easy scan with different mal-dentition and One-click ‘intelligent orthodontic simulation’ to preview patients post treatment smile

Carry ‘DentalFlex’ platform, make clinical process more efficient

Analysis tools

The use of heat map to indicate the occlusion relationship and undercut depth

AI data optimization

Automatically remove any redundant data such as gloves tongue and mucous etc

Chromo color and real color scan

Colored scanning that can show the in-vivo environment in real color and solid color to check model data details

HD camera capable

The HD camera mode allows the practitioner to capture Hi-res photographs of carries and anomalies and imports them into the patient record

Technical Specifications Fussen S6500 wired IOS

Scanner size (L*W*H) 240x45x36mm
Anti-fogging < 30s
Accuracy Single crown accuracy: 10μm(±1.1μm)
Image technology Accu-3D motion video capture
Remote control Yes
Weight (without cable) ≤240g
Scan speed 20-25FPS, 1min for full arch
Image sensor High speed CMOS
Connection USB3.1 Gen 1
Light source LED
Texture Color, scan to obtain color models in real time
Scan depth 0-15mm
File format General 3D format, .STL, PLY, OBJ
Cable length 2m


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