HFO: High Frequency Ventilation for the smallest Patients with STEPHANIE

Diagnostics and Therapy with a single Device

Is there a respirator for newborns and premature infants with integrated high-frequency oscillation (HFO)? There is actually. It is called STEPHANIE, was designed by Fritz Stephan and combines the functions of a respirator with those of a humidifier and an oscillator in a single device. There is also a monitor. For you, this means that you can perform a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tasks with a single device. This facilitates handling in your daily work routine and helps to ensure that diagnosis and therapy are optimally coordinated at all times. For more patient safety and optimal care.

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Discover STEPHANIE’s Features

STEPHANIE is a genuine all-rounder. Its strength is its attention to detail and the combination of various functions and therapeutic options: Experience it for yourself and discover what STEPHANIE has to offer.


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