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QuadroStarPRO is the tabletop Diode laser system with a compact and ergonomic design, dedicated to phlebology and endovascular laser treatments, but also successfully used for a wider range of endosurgical applications thanks to its versatility.

Available in two different wavelength (980 or 940 nm), the diode works in continuous, pulsed and ultra-pulsed mode and is suitable for rapid and safe cutting and resection, with excellent coagulation and hemostasis effects.

Equipped with a large set of fibers and the EndoSet kit specifically designed for endovascular applications, the system ensures the treatment of difficult to reach areas with other procedures.

For the same reasons, the diode laser is also universally appreciated by ENT specialists for its excellent performance in endonasal surgery.

Fast, reliable and easy to handle, the QuadroStarPRO provides surgeons with unparalleled precision and safety during all phases of surgery.

Advantages for the surgeon:

  • Ergonomic and lightweight tabletop device
  • Ability to choose between two versions with different wavelengths: 940 and 980 nm
  • Specific fiber kit for endovascular treatments (EndoSet)
  • Safe and fast treatments with excellent clinical results
  • Excellent hemostasis – fast cutting

Advantages for the patient:

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Painless and gentle surgery, low probability of blood loss
  • Low rate of side effects



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